Quality Wheelie bins for sale in Johannesburg Gauteng.

Wheelie bins are our passion at Containa Pack. That is the reason we only sell the best quality wheelie bins in Johannesburg Gauteng. Our bins are proudly made in South Africa and carry the SABS stamp of approval. They are made according to strict quality control measures so are strong and long-lasting. The life expectancy of our bins is 10 years plus. In some instances, we have had wheelie bins in service for 20 years. For this reason, the wheelie bins we sell have a five-year factory-backed guarantee.  Containa Pack only sells the best quality because we believe over time a cheap price will become an expensive buy.

Members of our team here at Containa Pack have been in the Industry for over 30 years. They were involved from the inception of the wheelie bin and waste collection in South Africa. Consequently, we are able to give the very best advice concerning all aspects of waste management and the wheelie bin.


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