Use the 130L wheelie bin to store recyclables.



It is amazing how quickly the space that old newspaper takes to store seems to grow every week.If you have someone in your household that buys two papers a day,before you know it you feel as if you are drowning in newspaper.There are only so many household renovations and crafting things you can do in a week to put the paper to good use.The solution we offer is a 130L wheelie bin, which is the 240L wheelie bin’s smaller brother.The bins are light and easy to manoeuvre.They come in a variety of bright colours and can be used to store all sorts of recyclables.What to do with all your neatly stored newspaper that you have once the wheelie bin is full is the next question.I bundle mine up and drop it off at our vet’s surgery where it is put to good use in the small animal clinic.

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